Spelling Game for Kids

geek-tic-tac-toe-PBDo you wish there was a way your child can still learn during the summer months?  Turn a classic game into a learning opportunity by turning the pieces into letters to see who can spell the most words.  Modify it depending on your personal preferences.  All you need are a few things you have around the house.


  • Connect Four™ Game
  • Masking Tape,Marker
  • paper and pencil if you want to keep score.
  • First cut small pieces of masking tape and place them on the game pieces.
  • Next add letters, You can add a random mix of consonants and vowels adding more or less of either.

Finally you are ready to begin.


  • Each player takes turns creating words from the game pieces.  You can even let your child come up with a few before you begin.
  • Continue until no more words can be created by either player.

You can also play a version where the player is not allowed to use the other color’s letters to make words. Or perhaps play a version where all the pieces are up for grabs. You can even come up with your own variation.

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